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About Chevin Business Solutions

Chevin Business team – each with a minimum of 30 years practical experience in the commercial banking marketplace, we believe that our collective experience will readily cover the majority of areas which are likely to be of interest to our clients. Each of us has a solid and tested background in core banking products. Individually, we have areas of specialism which can be drawn on to provide a complete and comprehensive service.

What we can do for you – We can provide you with totally independent support on all operational banking and business financing requirements. We can assist in the assessment of your business plan before it is presented to a potential lender, with a view to fine tuning any aspects from a lender’s viewpoint. Alternatively, we can become involved at "grass roots" level and help you to produce the plan and take it right through to sourcing an appropriate funding package.

We can help source competitively priced stand alone financing, such as commercial mortgages, invoice finance, asset finance, etc. Some clients have requirements, particularly in the funding area, which do not meet the standard clearing bank "template" (e.g. the bank’s asset finance subsidiaries may not be interested in re-financing assets, debtor books may not fit within the parameters of their factoring/invoice finance arm). With a little lateral thinking, most of these situations can be resolved, either by restructuring the package or through the introduction of alternative lenders or service providers. We are able to present a client’s case from a banker’s perspective, utilising the substantial experience amongst our team in the senior corporate banking marketplace.

Our contacts amongst lenders, ranging from the traditional high street names to more specialist funding providers, are well spread and we do keep up to date with details such as their current credit appetite, industry sector preference, etc. We welcome the opportunity to look at more difficult funding requirements, such as the need to fund up to 100% of a property development, one-off or ongoing trade financing needs, import & export finance, etc.

Brian Smith – 30 years experience with a major High Street bank, both in the domestic branch network and the bank’s International Banking division. Managerial positions held In the International Division, the Electronic Banking department in London and in Corporate/Business Banking based in the East Midlands, in each case having responsibility for managing larger client relationships in the corporate/commercial sector. Brian’s qualifications include Associate of the Institute of Bankers and Member of the Institute of Export.

Construction Finance

Asset Finance

Working Capital Facilities

Chevin Business Solutions provide totally independent Business Support on all Commercial funding and Operational banking issues.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who have extensive knowledge and in-depth experience of the commercial banking marketplace.

Commercial Mortgage

Sourcing appropriate, short or longer term, competitively priced mortgages over commercial property, on behalf of individuals, partnerships, limited companies, pension funds etc.   

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